A Fourth of July Message on Freedom

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This Fourth of July, we remember the sacrifices of those who declared freedom for the United States of America, and those who have fought to maintain it over the years. It is a day that should be celebrated for America’s role in history, and how it set the standard of constitutional rights reserved in the hands of the citizens, not government or royalty.

Today’s ongoing campus controversy atmosphere, and diminishing respect and knowledge of the First Amendment among college students, faculty and administrators, reminds us at Accuracy in Academia to continue to work hard to publish news exposing the hypocrisy of the Left in academia. We will continue to fight to publish the truth, to combat ‘fake news’ from the Left, and educate young people on the merits of freedom from government overreach.

We at Accuracy in Academia wish our American audience a Happy July Fourth and to enjoy the day with family, friends and loved ones.