Activist Former Teacher: Actions Have Consequences

, Malcolm A. Kline, Leave a comment

It’s not often that you see liberals channeling Richard Weaver, particularly when they are former teachers.

Erika Sanzi, who is also the mother of three, actually agrees with students walking out of class to protest guns but does not believe their walkouts should be inconsequential. “Are school leaders willing to support their students who choose to wear their red ‘Make America Great Again’ hats and walk out of class in support of President Trump’s agenda?,” she writes in The Education Post. “If my own children are inspired and passionate enough about an issue whether it’s gun safety or something else, to walk out of school, they will likely have my full support.”

“And the school will have my full support in handing out a consequence for their decision. The last thing I want my children to believe about the world is that they are entitled to break the rules, even in the name of protest, and face no consequence. I want them to believe that their discomfort—which obviously pales in comparison to those who have come before them—is worth whatever cause they believe in so firmly that they are willing to get up and walk out of school.”