Another Choice for Students

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For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, as campus women’s studies centers will discover as they continue their abortion rights advocacy activities.

“We are going to win,” pro-life activist Janet Folger said at the 13th Annual Eagle Forum Summit on Capitol Hill recently. Ms. Folger mixed advice and anecdotes in her remarks on the fight against abortion in America. She told stories about her battles for the pro-life movement, including a recent trip to South Dakota, sneaking into a NARAL party and even protesting Michael Dukakis’s visit to the housing complex where she lived in 1988.

When she was discussing her trip to South Dakota, she observed that all of the faces on Mount Rushmore warned of the issue of abortion and all of them were firmly resolved to the ideals that all life is sacred and should be protected.

Ms. Folger explained to the attendees that “persistence wins” and also that “hecklers are your friends.”

She also described NARAL events, especially the party that she crashed undercover as “people celebrating death.”

“We’ve been having kids, they’ve been killing theirs,” Ms. Folger observed.

Ms. Folger told the story of how she single-handedly took on organizing a protest against Michael Dukakis at the housing complex where she lived. None of her co-workers seemed interested in taking part. So, she went home and made some signs which she placed in front of her window. Her one-person protest grew as more and more people saw her signs and joined her. Not long after, the local media picked up the story. The next morning her boss was reading the newspaper and Ms. Folger admitted that it was she who was behind the protest.

She also told the attendees to imagine in the future when our children learn about abortion, which by then will be a thing of the past, and they ask us where we were when this happened. “How great would it be to tell them we were the ones who stopped it?”

“One person can make a difference,” Ms. Folger said. “God orders our steps.”

Ms. Folger encouraged the attendees to “think outside the box and be creative,” when it comes to challenging the pro-choice movement. She also reminded the attendees that “the truth will prevail.”

“God is mightier than the media.”

Matthew Murphy is an intern at Accuracy in Academia.