Another Little Churchill

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Move over, Ward Churchill — there is a professor who might be even more, er, controversial than you.

His name is Harry White, an English professor at Northeastern Illinois University.

Professor White doesn’t like those who oppose the homosexual lifestyle and agenda. In fact, he seemingly hates them with a passion.

Recently, two mild-mannered pro-family activists — retired public school teacher John McCartney and social critic Wayne Lela — went to NEIU (it wasn’t their first time) to pass out literature about their organization known as H.O.M.E.

Not surprisingly, they weren’t exactly welcome at the institution.

In the Oct. 11, 2005 issue of the NEIU Independent — published a couple of weeks after McCartney and Lela were at the university — there was an absolutely vile letter to the editor printed, written by none other than Harry White.

The following is a portion of White’s (appalling) letter:

    “O.K. H.O.M.E. Boys. If you know so much about sex and morality, can you tell us ignorant sinners what sexual offense is found in the Bible to be worse than all others?

    “A few hints: It is a capital offense punishable by death. It is so offensive that it makes up 20% of the Ten Commandments. And here’s the big surprise, boys. It is not, I repeat, not homosexuality. Give up? It’s violating the marriage contract: ‘Thou shalt not commit adultery. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife.’ Exodus does not warn us to ‘not covet thy neighbor’s well-hung son.’ It says ‘wife.’ It’s the kind of thing heterosexuals shouldn’t do. Of course the Tenth Commandment also tell [sic] us not to covet thy neighbor’s ‘ass.’ And I know this will come as a big disappointment, but the reference is to the donkey….

    “As for the New Testament: Jesus Christ (remember him?}, he said all sins are forgiven. What a wimp! You certainly wouldn’t want someone like that to be a member of H.O.M.E. And by the way, there is no passage where Jesus adds, ‘All sins are forgiven, except for homosexuality.’ And guys, why didn’t he ever marry? Or St. Paul for that matter. Could it be …? Who knows? Who cares?…

    “Of course we do know, ’cause the Good Book tells us so, that David (remember him, the king from whose loins the Messiah is supposed to be descended), apparently utilized his God-given loins in more ways than one. For the Bible tells us, David loved Jonathon with a love surpassing that of a woman. Have you ever seen Michelangelo’s statue of David? If David looked anything like that, Jonathon probably had a surpassingly great time being loved by the king-to-be. And you do know about Michelangelo, whom the Pope told, ‘Go paint me a ceiling,’ well, he was a Christian, a painter, and a you-know-what.

    “How ’bout: ‘Down with David, Jesus, Queers and the Sistine Chapel?’

    “One of the consequences of politically correct speech is that hate groups like H.O.M.E. are allowed on campus (which they shouldn’t be!) because they offer ‘polite’ information as a way of making their hateful agenda appear respectable….

    “There has to be something more appropriate that we, as members of the Northeastern community, can say in response to H.O.M.E.’s message. Let me offer these words which I believe to be more to the point. What H.O.M.E. says is [expletive]!

    “And they should all go **** themselves — and I hope it hurts when they do and that they catch a disease and puke all over themselves and die, horribly, somewhere near Clark and Diversey [in Chicago] where four off-duty male nurses, all clad in black leather, remove their bodies to a nearby hospital where they are cleansed, disinfected, dressed in women’s clothing and dumped into a sewer.”

Boy, academia sure can be a dangerous place — for pro-family conservatives, that is.

Matt C. Abbott is a Catholic journalist and commentator. He is a columnist for and/or contributor to,,,,, and He is also an occasional contributor to “The Wanderer” Catholic newspaper. This column originally appeared on the web site.