AP Defames Christians and Conservatives

, Malcolm A. Kline, Leave a comment

Christianity teaches us that we are all equal in the eyes of God. Apparently, college professors didn’t get the memo.

“An AP U.S. History textbook slated for distribution in 2019 reportedly contains anti-Trump bias and says Christians and conservatives are racists and xenophobes,” Joshua Gill writes in The Daily Caller. “Radio host Alex Clark of WNOW’s ‘The Joe and Alex Show’ posted photos of the book and its contents on Twitter after publisher Pearson Education sent samples of the book to public schools to encourage school administrations to purchase it, according to Fox News.”

“The textbook features sections on the Black Live Matter movement and the 2016 presidential elections in which author New York University Professor James Fraser portrays Christians, conservatives, and President Donald Trump supporters as bigots who fear non-white ethnicities.”

As we have reported repeatedly, Pearson, our old neighbor in Bethesda, is one of the prime architects of the Common Core educational standards that dismay most of the parents who experience them. Nor is this the first time the AP has delivered a misleading characterization of American History.

Fraser’s reviews on Rate My Professor are a bit of a mix although two, con and pro, are intriguing:

~”He was far more interested in shoving his opinion down our throats than having any real discourse. The class is super easy though, just tell him exactly what he wants to hear and do the mundane assignments and you will get an ‘A’.”

~”Great professor. Some writing assignments. He really makes me think about religion and diversity. Inspirational. Great lecture. Attendances are recorded.”