As students struggle, Chicago Public Schools puts politics over education

, Spencer Irvine, Leave a comment

Chicago Public Schools (CPS), fresh off of getting a former organizing official Brandon Johnson elected as the Windy City mayor, continues its political push in the state legislature. But it continues to neglect the public education of its students.

According to the Illinois Policy Institute, 80% of third to eight graders cannot read at grade level and 85% cannot do math at their grade level. Additionally, almost 80% of eleventh graders cannot do math or read at their grade level.

While Chicago students struggle, the union fought for the following legislation in the Illinois legislature, per the Illinois Policy Institute:

  • In favor of giving extra sick leave days for teachers with recent COVID-19 vaccines, but not for teachers who have not gotten a dose recently
  • In favor of forcing state pension funds to divest from firearms manufacturing companies
  • In favor of requiring health care providers to provide patient information even if the patient has objections to the information being shared
  • Against requiring state pension funds to divest from companies boycotting Israel

It is eerily similar to the situations facing teachers’ unions in major cities like Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, and New York City, yet these unions plow ahead with their political agenda.

Teachers’ unions have shown their true colors since the coronavirus pandemic: they care more about politics than serving the needs of parents and students.