Back to School Supplies

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The odds are that very soon you, or someone you love, is preparing a return to the college of her choice. The use of the feminine pronoun is deliberate as the male population on campus declines every year.

Nevertheless, we’ve come up with a list of supplies for either gender that you are unlikely to find on campus, including:

  • A Bible;
  • The U. S. Constitution;
  • An American flag;
  • A Romney button (those for the incumbent will be readily available);
  • I heart Israel bumper stickers;
  • Coupons for Chick Fil A;
  • Tobacco;
  • Styrofoam;
  • Charcoal for grilling and anything that increases your carbon footprint; and
  • Accuracy in Academia’s monthly Campus Report newsletter.

Malcolm A. Kline is the Executive Director of Accuracy in Academia.

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