Betsy DeVos Booed at HBCU Commencement Address at Bethune-Cookman; Crowd Admonished by College President

, Spencer Irvine, 1 Comment

Bethune-Cookman graduating seniors protest Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’s commencement address (via NBC News video)

Department of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos was booed and jeered when she gave the commencement address at a historical black college (known as HBCUs) Bethune-Cookman University. There was pressure from alumni and students to rescind the invitation for DeVos to speak, which was rebuffed by the university president, Dr. Edison Jackson.

The students, once she began speaking, stood up with their backs facing DeVos. As people in the audience began to boo DeVos, Dr. Jackson reminded them that if they continued to act in that way, they would be escorted out and diplomas mailed to them. One person was removed from the audience.

image screenshot from NBC News video

Dr. Jackson had previously pointed out that there was no harm in making “new friends” such as the Trump administration and Secretary DeVos, considering the Department of Education is a powerful agency and it would be politically feasible to keep warm relations with the department.