Biden’s education secretary won’t answer ‘what is a woman’ question

, Spencer Irvine, Leave a comment

Somehow, in recent years, the simple question “What is a woman?” is confusing liberals and leftists alike. One of the most memorable non-answers was Ketanji Brown Jackson, who said during her Supreme Court confirmation hearing, that she could not answer the question about gender because she was not a biologist.

Now it was Biden’s Education Secretary, Miguel Cardona, to take his turn at not being able to answer the simple question.

During a hearing for the House Appropriations Committee, Cardona dodged questions from Republican Rep. Andrew Clyde about defining a woman. The line of questions came because Cardona, as department secretary, enforces Title IX rules that prohibits discrimination based on sex and gender. The Department of Education proposed changes to current Title IX rules that would prevent school districts from barring transgender athletes from playing on sports teams inconsistent with their sex at birth.

Clyde asked Cardona, “Can you please tell me or can you please define for me what is a woman?”

Cardona did not answer the question and responded that his focus as department chief is to “provide equal access to students including students who are LGBTQ – access free from discrimination.”

Clyde asked again, to which Cardona answered, “I think that’s almost secondary to the important role that I have as secretary of education.”

The Georgia congressman said, “Through the Department of Education, President Biden, in my opinion, is attempting to weaponize Title IX, morphing it from a law that protects women to a law that disadvantages or endangers women. Further, the department is doing so with taxpayer dollars, an action that spotlights were your and your president’s true priorities lie in my opinion.”

It is another example of how the Left refuses to answer a simple biology question in order to placate (or not offend) its LGBTQIA+ or transgender activists. The Left, as Cardona’s reply showed, does not acknowledge that having biological males participate against biological females in athletics would diminish female athletic accomplishments.

The New York Post reported Cardona’s remarks.