Brandeis University Canceled Counter-Narrative Black Lives Matter Play

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After some outcry by students and alumni, Brandeis University has canceled a play from being performed on its college campus. Why?

The play in question, “Buyer Beware,” appears to criticize the mainstream (and debunked) media narrative surrounding the origins of the Black Lives Matter movement.

So much for freedom of speech and diversity of opinion in art.


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  1. Ethan Child

    November 2, 2017 2:23 pm

    Whoever wrote this is a moron. Unless you’ve read the play, why comment on it? The fact is the play served to promote the notion that white people should be able to say the N-word, and that black activists protesting over race-related issues are not justified. Even if these messages were not intended by the playwright, they are inherent to a story in which the happy ending involves BLM protesters being silenced. As for your comment about freedom of speech, I believe that is a separate point. Everyone is free to say racist things. But when you say those racist things, be prepared for criticism. I do not think it would have been wise for any college or university to condone racist artistic speech.

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