Carly Fiorina is a Feminist, but She Isn’t Voting for Hillary

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16671202675_b214359a19_b_carly-fiorinaSpeaking to conservatives at the Road to Majority Conference, former presidential candidate Carly Fiorina made it clear that Hillary Clinton is not the end all be all for feminists. Fiorina, a business person who impressed many voters with her trajectory from Secretary to CEO, stood up for conservative feminists.

“Mrs. Clinton, news flash. I’m a feminist, and I am not voting for you! ” she said.

After receiving many cheers and hollers, Fiorina explained, “Unfortunately feminism is no longer a term to enable or empower women, but it turns out to be … a way to bludgeon people into a left-wing litany of causes.”

While running for president, Fiorina said many liberals considered her an enemy to women because she is pro-life. Some even said that her candidacy was offensive to women. Fiorina, however, believes that her conservative values empower and enable women.

“I think feminism is when everyone has the opportunity, just like every man has the opportunity, to use every single one of their God-given gifts and live the life they choose,” said Fiorina.

As chairman of Opportunity International, a Christian-based organization that is the largest micro-lender in the world, Fiorina had the opportunity to take a trip to New Delhi. She said she learned what feminism meant after visiting some clients who lived in the slums of the city.

“I stilled myself to see desperation in their eyes, the desperation of the circumstances that I saw all around me; and yet when I looked into these women’s eyes, I did not see desperation. I saw focus; I saw determination; I saw pride, I saw hope.”

Fiorina reminded the women that they need to recognize that they have potential. She also stressed the importance of taking chances on people.

“Someone took a chance on me,” added Carly. “Every single person needs someone to take a chance on them.”

Carly Fiorina concluded saying, “I know that our values work better to lift everyone else regardless of their circumstances, this is not what progressives believe. Progressives believe some are smarter than others. Some are better than others; this is not what our nation should stand for.”

Photo by Gage Skidmore