Christian mother raises concerns about Summer Camp imposing Gender Ideology

, Spencer Irvine, Leave a comment

The Left has not only infiltrated America’s public schools, but it has pushed its gender ideology onto Christian parents and children when it comes to going to using public pools, public libraries, and even attending summer camps.

The Federalist executive editor Joy Pullmann detailed her experience with the gender ideological bent making its way into Christian families’ lives. She wrote that a staffer from the local 4-H club told her, through email, that summer camp attendees “are assigned cabins based on gender indicated” on registration forms for the camp. Pullmann said that 4-H camps are often sponsored by county governments.

She tried to get a straight answer from 4-H on whether her children would be “roomed overnight with an emotionally disturbed camper or counselor if I enrolled them in this camp,” to no avail. Instead, “the staffer refused to answer definitively whether campers could be placed in private facilities such as bedrooms and bathrooms with transgender individuals.”

The staffer had signed the original email with “pronouns in his signature,” which also indicated to Pullmann of the level of gender ideology indoctrination at the local level.

She also claimed that public libraries are now “so full of pornographic and hostile books that it’s not a safe place” for her children because of the “self-righteous LGBT activism” that inundates bookshelves. Pullmann posited a legitimate criticism of whether it is fair, as a taxpayer, to feel excluded from public places due to one’s religious beliefs and find out that the Left is “weaponizing my own tax dollars against my children’s safety.”

Among many of her criticisms of gender ideology’s infiltration into public spaces and how the Left won the culture war against Christians, Pullmann penned the following, strongly-worded sentence: “What we weren’t told was that letting homosexuals out of the closet would require stuffing all the children and Christians inside.”

Pullmann is not alone in her criticism: the wave of parental rights bills in education and parent-led protests at school board meetings demonstrated how parents are fed up with gender ideological indoctrination in public places.