Corrosion of Sanctuary Cities

, Malcolm A. Kline, 1 Comment

“Sanctuary cities” that refuse to turn over deportable felons to the feds are frequently located in college towns. Yet and still, it’s hard to find academics who will speak ill of them, no matter how much these policies endanger collegians’ lives.

kathryn steinle

Kate Steinle, 32, was not the only recent victim of an attack by an illegal alien with multiple felony convictions. “Department of Homeland Security records show that in just one eight-month period in 2014, more than 8,100 deportable aliens were released by sanctuary jurisdictions,” Hans von Spakovsky writes on The Daily Signal. “Three thousand of them were felons and 62 percent had a prior criminal record.”

“Nineteen hundred were later rearrested a total of 4,300 times on 7,500 different offenses.” The Daily Signal is maintained by the Heritage Foundation, where von Spakovsky is a senior legal fellow.

He has worked as an attorney in the administration of George W. Bush. “The second GAO report (GAO-05-646R), released on May 9, 2005, looked at the crimes committed by 55,322 aliens who ‘had entered the country illegally and were still illegally in the country at the time of their incarceration in federal or state prison or local jail during fiscal year 2003.’

“The path of destruction weaved by these 55,322 illegal aliens was truly shocking. According to GAO, these criminal aliens:

  • “Were arrested a total of 459,614 times, averaging about eight arrests per illegal alien;
  • “97 percent had more than one arrest, while 26 percent had over 11 arrests;
  • “Committed almost 700,000 criminal offenses, averaging 13 offenses per illegal alien;
  • “10 percent of these illegal aliens were arrested for committing 26 or more offenses;
  • “Out of all of the arrests, 12 percent were for violent crimes such as murder, robbery, assault and sex-related crimes; 15 percent were for burglary, larceny, theft and property damage; 24 percent were for drug offenses; and the remaining offenses were for DUI, fraud, forgery, counterfeiting, weapons, immigration and obstruction of justice; and
  • “80 percent of the arrests occurred in just three states: California, Texas, and Arizona.”
Sanctuary Cities