Devolution of Science

, Joseph Mastropaolo, Ph.D., Leave a comment

The book, The Privileged Planet, is one of the best science books I
have ever read. That its author would be denied tenure suggests that
Iowa State University
is controlled by anti-scientists.

Evidently, Dr. Gonzalez has been denied tenure through the
atheist-evolution efforts of Professor Avalos and President Geoffroy.
Yet, the entire universe unanimously and absolutely demonstrates
devolution, the exact opposite and excluder of evolution. If universal
devolution is true, then evolution must be the fraudulent anti-science
vitalism religion exposed by Dr. Francesco Redi’s classical experiments
of 3.4 centuries ago and Professor Avalos and President Geoffroy must be
the outlaws using a state-supported university to propagate it in
violation of the First Amendment of the Constitution. If Dr. Gonzalez is
being denied tenure because he upholds the truth and bona fide science,
then Iowa State University is controlled by outlaw anti-scientists and
the world needs to know.

With so much at stake, I suggest an acid test called the Life
Science Prize. If Professor Avalos and President Geoffroy contend for
the Life Science Prize and prevail, then that will prove they are the
scientists, the denial of tenure was justified, and Iowa State
University weeds out pseudoscience. If Professor Avalos and President
Geoffroy will not contend, or contend and devolution prevails, then it
will prove they are the anti-scientists, denial of tenure was a
travesty, and Iowa State University is controlled by outlaw

If Professor Avalos and President Geoffroy are ready with their
objective, valid, reliable, and calibrated scientific evidence, then
they should be confident to win unlimited $10,000 awards for their time
and trouble. The rules are below. I pledge that I shall abide by the
rules and that I have my $10,000 ready to hand the judge. If Professor
Avalos and President Geoffroy can indicate likewise, then I shall
commence arrangements.

There is no limit to the number or qualifications of those on the
evolutionist side and the Prize may be won an unlimited number of times
(in six months or less the total may exceed $1 million).

Professor Avalos and President Geoffroy, please let me know by May
28, 2007. If you do not agree to contend by that date, then you will be
listed on as outlaw anti-scientists and Iowa
State University as an outlaw anti-science institution.

Rules for the Life Science Prize

1. The evolutionists, Hector Avalos and Gregory Geoffroy, put a $10,000
check in escrow with the judge.

2. The devolutionist, Joseph Mastropaolo, puts a $10,000 check in
escrow with the judge.

3. If the evolutionists prove evolution is science, then the
evolutionists are awarded the $20,000.

4. If the devolutionist proves that devolution, the opposite of
evolution, is science, then the devolutionist is awarded the $20,000.

5. Evidence must be scientific, that is, objective, valid, reliable and

6. The preponderance of evidence prevails.

7. At the end of the trial, the judge hands the prevailing party both

8. The judge is a superior court judge.

9. The venue is a courthouse.

10. Court costs will be paid by the prevailing party.

Joseph Mastropaolo has a B.S., M.S., Ph.D. in kinesiology and a Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship in human physiology. As Aerospace Physiologist for Douglas Space Systems, he taught biomechanics and physiology at California State University, Long Beach for 26 years and was the physiologist for the Gossamer Condor and Albatross human-powered flight projects which earned a medal in physiology from the Royal Aeronautical Society for the Kremer cross-channel challenge.