Does Pre-School Require College Degree?

, Malcolm A. Kline, Leave a comment

The municipal government in Washington, D. C.–which does not have a great track record in management, let alone education–thinks it does. “The city government in Washington, D.C., wants to require all preschool teachers to have a college degree,” Eric Boehm writes on the blog. “The plan has already been called ‘madness,’ ‘outrageous,’ and ‘completely wrongheaded’ by parents of the very children who would, in the city’s eyes at least, benefit from the rule.”

“Ilumi Sanchez calls it something else: a threat to her livelihood. Sanchez has taken care of dozens of D.C. children since 1995, so she has far more experience and training in this realm than any two-year degree could bestow. She currently watches nine children throughout the day and then takes care of her family at night. When the new regulation takes effect in 2020, Sanchez will have to either spend five figures on college tuition to pursue an unnecessary degree, or move her family and her business out of the city, which comes with plenty of costs of its own.”