Drake University Charges Student with Faked Racist Notes

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Drake University, located in Des Moines, Iowa, was at the center of a racially-charged controversy, as recounted by The College Fix. A freshman college student at the university claimed that she had received four notes that were racist and full of hate. The incident resulted in an investigation, a student protest that may have numbered three thousand attendees, and a meeting with university officials which was “emotionally charged.”

Upon investigation, the freshman student admitted that she was the one who wrote one of the hoax notes in question. The student is also facing internal student discipline, according to the university’s Drake Code of Student Conduct, which could result in expulsion.

Regarding the fifth note, the student who reported it has not cooperated with authorities and withdrew from the university. Citing mental health reasons, the student left the school and has denied interview requests.

The university’s president, Marty Martin, also pointed out that the protests led to robocalls from a white supremacist group. The robocalls reached at least 250 faculty, staff, and students.

This is yet another example of a race hoax, which has led to divisiveness, protests, and anger, only for authorities to find that the person who reported the hate crime, was the one who wrote the note or e-mail.