Evergreen State College Administration Ever In Denial

, Malcolm A. Kline, Leave a comment

The protesters at Evergreen State College, indulged by administrators there, just got another pass from the president of the college. “Professors and a former administrator at The Evergreen State College bashed an “independent; report on the school’s spring 2017 riots,” Rob Shimshock reported yesterday in The Daily Caller.

Indeed, according to Shimshock, the president appointed most of the board. Indeed, the report, which Shimshock links to, is a tortured bit of sophistry. For one thing, they work in confederate flags, which, as far as we know, have never been spotted on the historically liberal campus in the state of Washington.

Nevertheless, the report does contain one interesting nugget which shows how small a percentage of the student body protesters are: “Results from a long-running annual UCLA study, published in February of 2016, demonstrated how widespread the phenomenon of student activism had become by that date: The share of students who said there was a “very good chance” they would participate in a protest while enrolled in college rose to 8.5 percent nationwide from 5.6 percent in 2014. (Among Black/African-American students, the share climbed from 10.5 percent to a full 16 percent).”

By the way, in our last dispatch on the protests there we noted that, “For example, students banded together, patrolled the campus, and in one instance, prevented the college president from leaving his office to use the restroom (albeit temporary).”