Florida Joins Eight States in Banning Free Speech Zones

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Florida Governor Rick Scott signed into law a ban on so-called ‘free speech zones,’ which universities and colleges have used to limit the exercise of free speech on their campuses. By signing SB 4 into law, Governor Scott made Florida the ninth state to protect freedom of speech on college campuses by preventing higher education institutions from limiting it to ‘free speech zones.’

Generation Opportunity, a pro-free market organization geared to Millennials, applauded the Florida legislature’s decision to pass the bill into law. As the organization’s Florida Coalitions Director Demetrius Minor said:

“Attempting to limit the First Amendment rights of students by tucking them into the hidden corners of campus is not only unconstitutional but goes against the very concept of what a college education should be about…”

“College is a place where young people go to learn new ideas and challenge concepts on their merits, but that dialogue will never occur if free expression is not openly permitted on campus.”

Initially, an early version of the bill was tabled in committee, and was at risk of not passing in the current legislative session. But a last-minute push to get the bill to the floor was successful.

Photo by Governor Rick Scott