Follies at UNC

, Christine Inauen and Malcolm A. Kline, Leave a comment

Certainly, one would think that you could avoid encountering the looniest of academic leftists by attending campuses south of the Mason-Dixon Line. Or perhaps not.

The 12th Annual Eagle Forum Collegian Summit took place on Capitol Hill last week. The second afternoon of the two-day conference focused heavily on the issues young conservatives face on college campuses—such as the state-funded University of North Carolina (UNC).

Dr. Mike Adams, author of Welcome to the Ivory Tower of Babel and professor at UNC Chapel Hill, talked about the campus he works on, which he describes as an “insane asylum” filled with liberals. He gave a few outrageous and recent examples of run-ins between conservatives and UNC’s administrators. Namely, he discussed how his university’s non-discriminatory policies have been applied to absurd degrees by requiring all student organizations to not only be open to everyone, but to also grant them full voting rights within the organization and to allow anyone to become an officer within the organization, dangerously impeding the right to free association.

Among other examples, he discussed the hypocrisy in UNC Greensboro’s paying porn star Tristan Taormino, the self-proclaimed “Queen of Anal Sex,” to talk as a “sexual health expert.” The same UNC campus refused to pay Dr. Adams’ expenses when its College Republican club had him address them. Adams wrapped up his speech by encouraging students to counter liberalism on campus through various mediums, namely by threatening legal action, pressing administrators for explanations on decisions, and by drawing media attention to liberal campuses.

In a separate speech, Joey Stansbury, a graduate from the UNC-Chapel Hill campus and employee of the John William Pope Center for Higher Education Policy, offered methods by which conservative students can pressure their campus administrators. He emphasized that the most powerful way to fight campus liberals is off campus, taking legal action when necessary. He stressed the power of embarrassment, urging students to contact various forms of local media, including talk radio programs and newspapers to publicize liberal atrocities. He wrapped up his speech by encouraging students to solicit donations from people who would be excited to donate to a conservative cause, explaining to students that there is much more money “out there” that would be willing to support their endeavors than they might realize.

Christine Inauen, a rising sophomore at the Catholic University of America, is an intern at Accuracy in Academia this summer. Miss Inauen will speak at AIA’a Conservative University conference on July 21 and 22.