From MLA to Women’s March: Remedial Revolutionaries

, Malcolm A. Kline, 1 Comment

As we saw from interviews with students at last weekend’s protests, higher education, and lower, probably need to spend more time on self-improvement and less on self-esteem, just to further their own interests.

For example, there was, as usual, at least one feminist who wanted to end women’s suffrage. You would think our left-wing friends in academe would take the time to explain to their students the difference between suffrage and suffering.

On the Greg Gutfeld recap of the protests which followed Donald Trump’s inauguration as our 45th president, Katherine Timpf of National Review recalled leaving our nation’s capital during the protests and seeing a sign that read, “I have concerns.” Not exactly we shall overcome or make love not war but at least it was a complete sentence, something too few demonstrators seemed able to utter.

To some of us, it was a familiar sight, much like a question and answer session at the Modern Language Association (MLA), only louder. Speaking of which, at the MLA, Pamela Longo of Raritan Valley Community College in New Jersey noted that, although 80 percent of community college students consider themselves prepared for college, 60 percent require at least one developmental course.

Ah, but what percent made it to the demonstrations last weekend?