George Washington University Law Professor Critical of ‘Snowflake’ Student De-Stress Techniques

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A law professor at George Washington University was critical of sororities at his university for offering stress balls and other de-stress techniques to its female students. John Banzhaf, who teaches law at the university’s law school, did not appreciate how the sororities at the university not only offer stress balls, but also coloring books and relaxation rooms to freshman students who are trying to join sororities.

One of the recruitment officers for the sororities said that these methods help students “feel safe, comfortable and empowered” during the recruitment process.

Banzhaf’s press release read as follows:

“At a time when incoming female college students are being told that they can and should be tough and strong, and stand up to those who might try to bully or sexually harass them, the upper class women who run the sororities are helping to convince them that they are so weak and fragile that they need mental health help to deal with the trauma of picking out where to pledge.”

He also said, “This sorority event appears to be a part of a growing movement to wussify students.” Or, in other words, these actions appease and pander to students who may not be mentally tough.

Banzhaf said that this “snowflake” (i.e. mentally weak and easily-offended) culture affects the field and profession of law. He claimed classes were canceled for some law schools, or exams postponed, and other similar soft-handed tactics, which he perceived as coddling. He said, “Such coddling is likely to turn out more wimpy lawyers who lack the fortitude to stand up to tough judges in defending unpopular causes, and thus our most fundamental rights.”

Banzhaf has been known to use lawsuits for liberal causes, such as being for affirmative action and against single-sex dorms at Catholic University in Washington, D.C.