Globally Warm Public Schools

, Malcolm A. Kline, Leave a comment

climate change photoGlobal warming alarmists who claim that the science is settled on climate change are partially right: Public schools have reached a verdict on it.

“A nationwide survey of 1,500 U.S. middle and high school science teachers, conducted by the National Center for Science Education and published in the February 12 issue of Science, found half of the teachers who discuss climate change in the classroom ignore evidence of the role of natural factors,” H. Sterling Burnett writes in School Reform News. “The survey found approximately 70 percent of middle school and 87 percent of high school science teachers discuss global warming in the classroom, spending an average of less than two hours over the course of an entire academic year on the topic.”

“More than half of the middle and high school science teachers discussing climate change teach humans’ use of fossil fuels is mostly responsible for recent global climate changes.”  School Reform News is published by The Heartland Institute, a conservative think tank.

“About 30 percent of science teachers discuss human actions and natural processes as potential causes of climate change, and 12 percent of science teachers addressing climate change do not emphasize possible human causes,” Burnett writes. For their sake, let’s hope these pedagogues never find themselves trying to instruct precocious pupils who ask impudent questions like, “Why is it snowing in April?”