Goodbye to the ‘1776 Commission’

, Nic Valdespino, Leave a comment

In an eventful first week as Commander-in-Chief, President Biden has already signed at least 22 executive orders into law. Despite claims during his campaign that governing by executive order was dictatorial, Biden has not been afraid to introduce sweeping changes with the stroke of a pen, signing more presidential memorandums during his first week in office than the last seven presidents combined. From expanding Medicare to canceling the Keystone XL pipeline project, Biden has been especially busy eradicating the accomplishments of his predecessor.

While socialized medicine and foreign oil-dependency pose a grave threat to the American way of life, one of Biden’s other memorandums will prove to be the most dangerous. With the “Executive Order on Advancing Racial Equity and Support Through the Federal Government,” Biden expresses his support for the idea emanating from critical race theorists that the foundation of our country is inherently flawed.

Executive order 13985 overturns Trump’s decision to outlaw “anti-racism” training sessions in the federal government, which often target white cisgender males. The order also eliminates the “1776 Commission” established by President Trump as part of the effort to restore pride in the nation’s founding within the public education system. Biden’s actions during his first week as Commander-in-Chief have not only revealed his desire to undercut Republican initiatives, but are also an indication of his support for radical left convictions.

The Biden team proclaims that the “unbearable human costs of systemic racism” have made the American dream unattainable, and therefore, the federal government must step in to ensure equivalent outcomes for every individual, regardless of his or her or work ethic. The administration’s focus on equity is evident with the creation of an “equity assessment” in federal agencies and the implementation of new guidelines at the Office of Management of Budget to “assist agencies in assessing equity with respect to race, ethnicity, religion, income geography, gender identity, sexual orientation, and disability.”

During the Trump years, the White House aimed to convey an uplifting message about our nation’s founding. The formation of our republic was championed as a monumental step for the advancement of human rights, since self-determination was held to be paramount, and individual rights were protected. Biden’s recent directives have placed the government at the center of resource allocation, granting increased federal power over the free-market economy.

Rather than striving for equal opportunity, Biden sanctions selective, race-based initiatives that favor one group over another, a concept that is antithetical to the tenets of racial discrimination. And that’s not all. By terminating the previous administration’s patriotic education program, the corrosive ideology that seeks to undermine the groundwork of the United States is permitted to permeate unchecked in the public education system. Avoiding a generation overflowing with anti-Americanism is essential to the preservation of the union. While Biden claims to bring a healing message with him into the White House, his support for critical race theory will do little to close the divide.