Higher Ed Hijinks

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And you thought education majors had no fun. “The fall of 2006 was a time of turmoil in my life,” Ryan Williams-Virden writes in Ed Allies. “Having dropped my Education and Cultural Diversity class after storming out one day and calling the professor a racist, I needed to go back and complete the coursework necessary for my Urban Education licensure program.”

“I enrolled in the last two classes I had and started to compile my portfolio to get approved for student teaching.” Then the plot thickens.

“Before going any further, I need to be honest: I was not a good student. I cared much more about my role on the baseball team than I did in being a student or handling any of the responsibilities that came with it. A perfect example was the simple fact that in order to gain licensure, I had to turn in a portfolio of assignments that aligned with certain standards, and maintain a 3.0 GPA in my Education courses. Yet, I hadn’t kept a single assignment and I needed to get straight A’s in my remaining courses to have a 3.0 GPA.”

Williams-Virden is now the Dean of Students at Hiawatha Collegiate High School in Minneapolis. He is probably doing a good job there, given his experience playing baseball.