Hispanic Professor Vs. Hispanic Students

, Malcolm A. Kline, Leave a comment

At the University of Michigan they seem to be at odds. “A professor at Michigan State University is alleging that Latino students perpetuate “colorblind racism” due to their commitment to meritocracy and free market values,” Toni Airaksinen writes on the Campus Reform blog maintained by the Leadership Institute. “Sociology professor Maria Isabel Ayala made the argument in a recent study published by the Journal of Latinos and Education, having received $25,000 from the school to conduct the research.”

“Ayala interviewed 50 Latino(a) students at Midwestern University—27 women and 23 men—to probe how they explained their academic success, discovering to her dismay that many students expressed credence in both ‘colorblind racism’ and ‘abstract liberalism’ while shunning affirmative action policies in support of the ‘free market, meritocracy, and laissez-faire ideology.'”

“For example, when asked to describe her success in college, a dark-skinned Latina named Carla responded that ‘everyone is equal and we all have the same experiences…I have [worked hard] and I deserve it.'”

“Sebastian, a student who is described as a ‘medium-skinned’ Latino, also reflected on his academic achievements and failures, telling Ayala that ‘I guess all the mistakes have been just me…I am self-reliant.'”

“A student named Eduardo, meanwhile, reportedly said ‘I am disadvantaged, and I am very aware of that but that is not a bad thing, I just have to work harder.'” It sounds like these students have more to teach Ayala than they could possibly learn from her.