Hofstra Law & Order

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What do controversial mouthpiece-of-terrorist-suspects Lynne Stewart and the Law Students for Life have in common? Not much, it turns out, including the right to funding by Hofstra University.

The disbarred barrister was invited to give a lecture on legal ethics at Hofstra Law paid for by the university. In stark contrast, the pro-life group on campus has yet to secure funds for a one-shot lecture by a speaker who shares the group’s anti-abortion views.

“As a duly-recognized student organization, we submitted a budget application in accordance with the rules, seeking funds to bring a pro-life speaker to campus,” Maximillian Longley of Hofstra’s Law Students for Life writes. “This request has been put off for several weeks by officials in the student government, with varying reasons being assigned for the brush-off.”

“LSfL has been seeking to have its academic freedom defended by the Law School with the same zeal which the Law School has defended the academic freedom to invite Lynne Stewart.” Don’t hold your breath.

Malcolm A. Kline is the executive director of Accuracy in Academia.