Hungary Entertains Proposal To Ban Gender Studies

, Malcolm A. Kline, Leave a comment

And the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) is sending a letter to the Hungarian Minister of Education to protest the move. Imagine what the AAUP would do if our own government ever entertained such a proposal.

“We write to protest the Hungarian government’s proposed law which would cancel an accredited, well-performing MA program, with consistently high enrollments,” the AAUP stated in its letter. “Never before has the government sought to legislate the curriculum of universities without consultation with appropriate university institutions.”

Note that they assert that the program is “well-performing” without actually offering any evidence other than the equally asserted “high enrollments.” They not only do not show any jobs held by the gender studies majors: They don’t show any publications while they are majoring in it.

Joan W. Scott and Peter Goddard, Professors Emeriti at the Institute for Advanced Study, Henry Reichman. Professor Emeritus at California State University-East Bay, and Lynn Pasquerella, President of the American Association of Colleges and Universities signed onto the letter. Copies were sent to the Hungarian ambassador to the US, the American ambassador to Hungary, and the European Union.

The funny thing is, the only part of that trio that is likely to read it is the European Union. But knowing the EU, they will probably try to kill the proposal if it becomes law.