Male College To Allow Admission Applications From Women Who Identify As Men

, Alex Nitzberg, Leave a comment

While colleges purport to pursue knowledge and truth, many institutions actually propagate preposterous transgender ideology while utterly ignoring observable biological realities.

Morehouse College, a self-described “private historically black liberal arts college for men” has unveiled a new “Gender Identity Admissions and Matriculation Policy” that says transgender men (i.e. biological women who identify as men) will be allowed to apply for admission.

The policy says: “This policy applies to all students who enroll in Morehouse after the Fall 2020 semester. All students who are enrolled before the Fall 2020 semester are not subject to this policy.”

Part of an overview of the policy on the Morehouse College website explains:

In furtherance of our mission, tradition, and values as a men’s college, and in recognition of our changing world and evolving understanding of gender identity, Morehouse will now consider for admission applicants who live and self-identify as men, regardless of the sex assigned to them at birth. Women will not be eligible for admission at Morehouse.

So while women masquerading as men meet these admissions criteria, men masquerading as women do not. The policy states that, “Morehouse will not consider for admission women or those assigned male at birth who identify as women.”

In accordance with this gender-bending ideology, Morehouse addresses a scenario in which a previously male-identifying student starts identifying as a female: “Once admitted, students are expected to continue to self-identify as men throughout their matriculation at Morehouse. If a student transitions from a man to a woman, that student will no longer be eligible to matriculate at Morehouse,” the policy states.

However, the school goes on to note that students may follow an appeals process if they wish to remain at the school: “The appeal must address why the student desires continuation at Morehouse, a school explicitly designed for men, and any hardship to be incurred by forced withdrawal,” the policy explains.

It continues: “In the event that a student decides that, as a men’s college, Morehouse no longer offers the appropriate educational environment for the student, or if an enrolled student begins to self-identify as a woman, the College will offer guidance and resources to assist in making choices that are best for that student.”

In an article about the college’s new policy, the Associated Press quoted Morehouse College’s President David Thomas saying: “‘I think Morehouse having the courage to speak to issues of masculinity in today’s environment is important,’” he said. “‘For 152 years, the world has, in some way, seen Morehouse as the West Point of black male development.’”