Marine-Hating California High School Teacher Doubles Down

, Malcolm A. Kline, 4 Comments

If you are following the story of the Marine-hating teacher who shared his angst with his students, you might know that: (a.) He’s, to put it mildly, unrepentant; and (b.) There may be many more like him. “I can care less if I have offended anyone who has joined the military and served our country,” Gregory Salcido tweeted on January 27, 2018. “It’s not my fault they are all f***ing idiots and not smart enough to attain a college education.”

“F*** all those veterans, especially the World War II and Vietnam veterans.” By the way, he didn’t use asterisks.

He went on to confidently predict he would remain employed despite his views. “I won’t and can’t lose my job because of this,” he tweeted. “If you’re a veterans and your reading this, f*** you!” Incidentally, other than the asterisks, this is a verbatim recreation of his tweet, right down to the grammatical mistake at the end.

Yet and still, he might be right about his job security. “Salcido has since been identified as having a long record of inappropriate classroom behavior dating back to 2010 when he reportedly struck a student, yet he has continued to be allowed to be a mentor to kids!” Leticia Chavez-Garcia, who reproduced the tweets on her blog, writes. “Why?”

“Because he is protected by the teacher’s union.” Chavez-Garcia herself has worked as a teacher.