Maryland school depicts pilgrims as oppressors

, Spencer Irvine, Leave a comment

A Maryland public high school permitted a video that disparaged Pilgrims as oppressors, which was produced by a left-wing website called NowThis. The Daily Signal reported that Walt Whitman High School, located in the wealthy suburb of Bethesda, did not respond to inquiries about the video and the circumstances to allow it to be viewed by students.

The video, featuring activist Larissa FastHorse, blasted Thanksgiving as a holiday. She claims that all who celebrate the holiday are “all complicit in standing on stolen land.” She blasted the Pilgrims as thieves who took land and robbed graves of the Native American people. FastHorse did not provide any historical context, such as the Pilgrims escaping religious persecution in Europe, the creation of the Mayflower Compact and the principles of self-governance and religious freedom.

Instead, the video was a one-sided, biased story about the Pilgrims that lacked facts yet was full of opinions.

Examples such as this demonstrate the high level of concern that parents have about left-wing, anti-American indoctrination in public schools. Critical Race Theory is a major issue, especially when it is being sold to students as incontrovertible fact, but willful misinformation about aspects of U.S. history also falls under a similar umbrella of parental concerns.

Whitman belongs to the Montgomery County Public Schools system, which is notoriously left-wing and does not take the politics out of education.

Thanksgiving should be a time for unity, for reflection, and for family and friends. The annual holiday is a reason for families and friends to gather and watch football games or spend time with each other, contrary to the drum roll of protests from the Left and some Native American activists. Misinformation about Pilgrims and the settling of the Americas are one way for the Left to indoctrinate children for years to come.