Native American Paintings are ‘Harmful,’ said University of Wisconsin-Stout

, Spencer Irvine, Leave a comment

Historical revisionism + PC culture = being offended at old paintings:

The University of Wisconsin-Stout has announced plans to remove two historical paintings depicting interactions between white traders and First Nations people due to their “harmful effect.”

Chancellor Bob Meyer has acceded to the recommendations of a Diversity Leadership Team (DLT),according to the National Coalition Against Censorship, announcing that two of the three paintings currently hanging in Harvey Hall will be removed from public view out of concern that they “reinforce racial stereotypes.”

“Shrouding or moving the painting does not educate anyone or stimulate any learning or dialogue.”   

The paintings were commissioned under the Works Progress Administration and painted by artist Cal Peters in 1935, and were intended to be restored by art students under the guidance of their professors for inclusion in Harvey Hall’s grand re-opening this fall. The restoration was funded by the Wisconsin Historical Society, and began in 2013.