North Dakota superintendent blasts “woke” indoctrination in schools

, Spencer Irvine, Leave a comment

The reply-all email is a bane of the existence of any office worker or working professional, and it apparently happened to a public school superintendent in North Dakota. Starkweather Public School District Superintendent Larry Volk allegedly and accidentally sent an email tirade blasting Critical Race Theory to over 700 school administrators.

The Grand Forks Herald reported that the rural superintendent, Larry Volk, emailed the North Dakota Council of Education Leaders’ mailing list. Volk called the theory “bigotry cloaked in academic theory” and claimed that it is time for Americans to move away from Godless corrupt woke, left-wing ideology and back to the devout Christ- centered Republic the founders envisioned.”

Volk also wrote that “there is no systemic racism in America created by the Founding Fathers – the racism is the project of the godless Democrat party that has rejected god, family, and America and embraced secularism in the form of Marxism.”

However, Volk made the major mistake of invoking the name of Adolf Hitler, the Nazi Party leader who started World War Two and killed millions of Jews and other groups of people. His email compared pro-abortion Democrats to Hitler, which could be an inflammatory thing to say regardless of context.

Volk admitted he sent the email by mistake to the local news outlet.

The Starkweather district is a small district, with 63 enrolled students in its elementary school and high school. Its school board president, Chris Berg, said that he supports Volk and did not read the email. “I know Mr. Volk very well and know exactly what his views are,” Berg wrote, “I completely back his views 100% and we agree completely on that. We are very tired of the woke leftists pushing their garbage on the school systems and the United States as a whole.”

North Dakota is the latest state to officially ban Critical Race Theory, despite opposition from left-wing groups.

But, despite the uproar from the Left, Volk made some valid points about Critical Race Theory. For example, regarding his point about bigotry, many Critical Race Theory supporters blame white Americans for slavery and racism. The theory claims that American institutions are inherently racist, despite significant reforms made since the country’s founding. Also, the theory infers that white Americans are racist, despite the reality that white Americans fought against segregation in the 1960’s and in the 1860’s, hundreds of thousands of white, pro-Union men died in the bloody, four-year civil war.

Related to his point about Marxism and the “godless Democrat party,” recent events proved him right. The Black Lives Matter movement, which spurred violent and destructive riots across the country in the summer of 2020, is led by an avowed Marxist who openly supported Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. The Democratic Party, in recent years, has embraced secularism and multiculturalism in its politics, as demonstrated by the anti-Semitic views of several progressive lawmakers in Congress and anti-religious liberty actions conducted by the Biden administration.