Northern Virginia teacher wants to place inclusion and diversity book in each classroom

, Spencer Irvine, Leave a comment

According to a local Washington, D.C. news affiliate, one teacher is heading a campaign to place books on diversity, inclusion and social justice in every classroom in her elementary school.

Faith Thompson teaches first grade at Yorkshire Elementary School, which is a part of the northern Virginia-based Prince William County Public Schools system. She recorded a video on Facebook and told her audience that it was important for all children to have books on diversity and inclusion in their classroom in her elementary school. She told the local news station, “I want to give books that talk about diversity, that talk about inclusion, just social justice issues to every teacher in my school, starting off at least, so that they can have the conversations that I feel that we should be having.” Thompson said that it was important to her for all teachers to be “teaching these things to these kids just like we teach like “ABC” and “one, two, three.” She concluded that she looked forward for teachers to be “teaching issues that they’re [the children] going to face in their life and give them a solid foundation.”

Neither Thompson nor the news station disputed Thompson’s goal, which apparently would replace parenting and parental consent in the classroom. It is up to the parent to discuss serious issues such as race and politics with their child, not a teacher or any other education professional. Though Thompson may be trying to do something she believes is right, her methods and strategy would reinforce the left-wing ideology that all teachers have a right to indoctrinate their students according to their personal worldviews and opinions.

America is in the middle of experiencing what left-wing indoctrination has done to the country’s college students, who have enthusiastically embraced socialist and left-wing politics and policies espoused to them by their left-wing and liberal college professors. These pro-socialist students have advocated for the abolition of the Electoral College, abolition of private health insurance, promotion of higher taxes and free health care, among countless socialist and left-wing policy proposals.

Elementary schools should not be a place where a single teacher dictates which worldview to learn in a classroom because it is solely the parents’ responsibility to educate and raise their kids. Liberals and leftists may stick to the view that “it takes a village to raise a child,” but in the real world, parents should be raising their children.