Obama Scorecard Not Inclusive

, Malcolm A. Kline, Leave a comment

When President Obama unveiled the U. S. Department of Education’s new college scorecard, he indicated it would be inclusive, reviewing every school. Well, they missed three—Christendom, Hillsdale and Grove City College.

grove city college seal

Officials at the Department of Education informed Hillsdale’s administrators that they didn’t make the list because the college did not confer enough 4-year degrees, something Hillsdale has been doing since the 19th Century. The DOE claimed that Grove City College (GCC) did not make the list because the college did not provide Title IV funds, GCC president Paul McNulty said at the Heritage Foundation on Monday November 16.

Ironically, McNulty showed that GCC has a solid record on the three criteria the Department of Education claims to be grading higher education on—accessibility, affordability and outcomes:

  • GCC has a minority student population of 10 percent, easily competitive with many, if not most schools and not that dissimilar from the general population;
  • GCC charges tuition of $16,000 a year;
  • It has a graduation rate of 82 percent, compared to a 59 percent average for the nation;
  • Ninety-five percent of its graduates are employed (most schools have no idea what percentage of its graduates have jobs); and
  • GCC has a student loan default rate of less than one percent.