Parade for D.C. Statehood on Independence Day

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3223461134_6e66651cb9_b_dc-statehoodWASHINGTON, D.C.– As many people paraded through our nation’s capital to celebrate Independence Day, a few dozen people gathered together to march for D.C. statehood. Although supporters and non-supporters attended the parade, everyone seemed to agree on one aspect —we must get rid of the “red tape” in Washington.

“What’s important is that we eliminate the unnecessary red tape of doing things,” said Mrs. D.C. America Kinosha Soden, an advocate for STEM who has concerns about barriers for funding programs in D.C. schools because of its status as a district.

“That should be done away with, and the wants and the needs of all those who contribute in D.C. should be recognized,” said Kinosha Soden.

A renewed push has emerged in the D.C. statehood movement after leaders discussed and approved the new name of what could be the 51st state: New Columbia.

“DC statehood is important,” said Lindsey Samuel, a 23-year-old Maryland resident attending the parade in support of D.C. statehood. “Taxation without representation is ridiculous and hypocritical.”

Many supporters validate the protest slogan stamped on the District’s license plate because unlike a state, D.C. must receive congressional approval over its budget and laws. Some people at the parade, however, did not take issue with the lack of representation.

D.C. resident Marya Pickering, attending the parade as a Trump supporter said, “D.C. is a constitutionally mandated district, if D.C. residents want to live in a state, they should move to Maryland or Virginia.”

“I am appalled by D.C.’s low voter turnout,” lamented Marya Pickering in regards to the lack of political participation in D.C. “If we want to cut the red tape, we need to get involved and put our actions where our mouth is.”

Photo by Sapphireblue