Pomona College Partners with Democratic Party on Voting Registration, Does Nothing with Republicans

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The Claremont Independent, a conservative-learning student newspaper at Claremont, reported that Pomona College partnered with DemocracyWorks service TurboVote to register students for voting on its website. The website will send students, who fill out the online forms, a filled-out form (complete with paid postage) to mail in if online registration is not an option in their home state.

Additionally, an official with the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) was slated to be at an event last week, but canceled due to “travel issues.” But, no official invitation was extended to the Republican Party, which appears to be overt partisanship by a non-profit college.

But, this calls into question Pomona College’s official event with the DCCC official, as it operates as a non-profit college. Non-profits operate under 501(c)3 tax law, and cannot be directly active in political lobbying or campaigning or they would risk losing their non-profit status.