Princetonian Take on Terror

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Washington Post columnist Jackson
Diehl calls her a “rising star in the foreign policy world”
and “likely candidate in a future Democratic administration.” Nevertheless, she
has been selected by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to run the Department of State’s Advisory Committee on Democracy

Anne-Marie Slaughter, the dean of Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School of
Public and International Affairs, was quoted in Diehl’s November 27 column as
saying that President Bush’s comment that we are engaged in a worldwide war with
Islamo-fascism is off-base. “Absolutely wrong,” says Slaughter. Diehl reports,
Slaughter says she’s
more worried about the risk that a strain of avian flu will kill millions of
Americans than about another terrorist attack.”

Slaughter chaired the first meeting of the “Democracy Promotion” group on
November 6. The only story we could find about this development was in the Daily
Princetonian, where it was noted that Slaughter has also served on the boards of
the Council on Foreign Relations and the New America
Foundation. You can read a State Department account of the group’s first meeting
here. The New America Foundation’s Steven Clemons was a
key player in the battle to keep John Bolton from becoming U.S. Ambassador to
the U.N.

Slaughter, author of a book entitled “The New World Order,” argues for
making NATO into a global military force. Actually, NATO was transformed into an
offensive force under the Clinton Administration, without the benefit of a new
treaty, and was deployed against the sovereign state of Serbia, in order to obliterate its control over
the province of
. U.N. and NATO
troops are still in Kosovo, waiting for word from the “international community”
about its future. The Clinton war was illegal and unconstitutional
under the War Powers Act, but our media hardly uttered a peep of protest.

Diehl notes that Slaughter also supports the idea of creating a “Concert
of Democracies” within the U.N. to carry out military operations against
selected countries when the U.N. itself fails to act. Apparently, she wants this
accomplished as well without the benefit of a treaty.   

On November 28, Slaughter hosted the corrupt outgoing U.N. boss Kofi
Annan at Princeton University, where he failed to call on
Iran to abandon its nuclear weapons
program but urged
the progressive elimination of all
nuclear weapons, under strict and effective international control.” That means
leaving Iran alone but
turning over U.S. nuclear weapons to the U.N. for

The Annan proposal is an updated
version of the discredited McCloy-Zorin Accords between the U.S. and the then-Soviet Union, which envisioned “
nuclear and
general and complete disarmament under effective international control.” Annan
apparently considers the U.S.
nuclear arsenal more of a threat than Iran’s developing

In his speech, Annan noted that “
Libya has abandoned its nuclear and
chemical weapons programs,” without giving the U.S. and the invasion of Iraq any credit
for this development. On the other hand, Annan praised the U.S. Congress for
refusing to fund the Bush Administration’s plan to develop a nuclear
“bunker-buster” bomb for the purpose of destroying underground nuclear
facilities being maintained by rogue states.

This is consistent with the Annan legacy: building up America’s enemies and attempting to diminish
U.S. power in the world. His
successor, South Korean Ban Ki-moon, is, like Annan, an advocate of global

Cliff Kincaid is the editor of Accuracy in Media’s AIM Report.