Student Rep. at George Mason Removed for Opposing In-State Tuition for Illegal Immigrants

, Spencer Irvine, Leave a comment

As The College Fix reported:

“Storm Paglia, until Friday the “executive undersecretary for university services for dining services” at George Mason University, was removed from his position after tweeting against “illegals” getting in-state tuition, the Fourth Estate reports.

The student body president said that Feb. 13 tweet and a followup defending Paglia’s use of “illegal” were “demeaning”:

“While we all live in a society that permits us to express our opinions, we must also recognize that we live with the consequences of their impact on those we represent, wrote Student Body President [Philip] Abbruscato in an official statement to the university.

Without realizing the irony, Abbruscato said that because the student government embraces “diversity of thought and opinion,” Paglia can’t share his viewpoint on a hot-button issue of importance to college students and taxpayers unless he’s willing to give up his place in that government.”