Teacher’s Union Misses Millions

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Apparently, some teacher’s union officials have taken too much public school math.

michigan outline

“On a Saturday in May, members of the Michigan Education Association held a walk in Midland bringing attention to public school funding,” the Michigan-based Mackinac Center reports in the organization’s July/August report. “They claim education funding is down nearly $19 million in the greater Midland area in the last four years.”

“MEA president Steve Cook has claimed that Michigan’s public school budget has been cut by $1 billion. The problem is that these claims are not true.”

“State spending on public education actually increased $800 million in the last four years, despite the fact enrollmentis down by 2.4 percent.”

“As Michigan Capitol Confidential reported, the West Bloomfield School District receives about $515 more per pupil today than it did in 2010. Despite this, its superintendent claims that it is getting less money.”

Perhaps they’ve read too many textbooks with titles such as Mathematics for Equity. Or maybe they were taught in an experimental group that tested out the Common Core curriculum beloved by both the Obama Administration and several former Republican governors.

The odds are pretty long that they were homeschooled.


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