The Fairness in Education Act

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We all know should Nancy Pelosi get an Obama Administration, we'll probably get some version of a Fairness Doctrine for broadcasting. I would hope if John McCain is elected, we get some kind of Fairness Doctrine for education.

The same arguments apply. The left argues that both ideological sides should be equally represented on the public airwaves. I counter that both ideological sides should be equally represented in education where public funds subsidize tuition.

The blatant pitch by Eli Pariser of illustrates an almost braggadocio when it comes to what the left loves when it comes to their constituents: control and ownership.

If the majority of young people in academia were gun-lovin', Bible-totin', conservative, John McCain supporters today, their leftist faculty members would be losing their minds. They'd be lobbying child welfare services to have parents arrested for political, emotional abuse. But as they can freely issue one-sided presentations to young skulls full of mush with no life experience or frame of reference, they're okay with that.

They're also lazy cowards.

How hard is it to indoctrinate those who don't know enough to offer a reasoned retort? How hard is it to rile young people into participating in public protests, while their profs stay at home where it's safe? How hard is it to send young people into harms way (Rachel Corrie-types) while they look the other way when their impressionable young are arrested or worse?

Granted, Republicans tend to earn more outside of the classroom, thus avoid that poisonous atmosphere, but it's about time we conservatives took Mr. Pariser's threat seriously.

Through the education system, they ARE proudly and efficiently breeding new liberals. As many of the youth are now engaged and actively making demands like terrorists, they do have the potential of not only swaying the election in November, but more elections for the foreseeable future and they're in our face with it.

If the left can hold the public airwaves in such high esteem, then we as conservatives must also demand our politicians protect our publicly-funded education system from partisan brainwashing; you know, the same thing the left says about Rush Limbaugh.

As a parent, someone who's worked with kids, spoken to college students, talk radio and television audiences, I have no problem with young people hearing the progressive line.


However, the left seeks to silence the conservative message for a reason: because they're too damned scared to debate someone with life experience, but it's easier to preach to children who have to respond as programmed or be vindictively punished via their grades.

Rush and Glenn and Laura and Michael don't punish liberals on the radio, yet liberals punish children in the classroom.

Nancy Pelosi, let's talk fairness anytime you want.

This column by radio broadcaster Bob Parks originally appeared on Outside the Wire. You can read the original here.