This College Professor Strongly Opposes Illegal Immigration

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Georgia Gwinnett College Associate Professor of History Dr. Fang Zhou, a legal immigrant to the United States and an outspoken opponent of illegal immigration, recently appeared on Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” During the segment Zhou highlighted the ludicrousness of conflating legal and illegal immigration:

Well first of all I’m an associate professor with job security. My institution has an academic freedom policy. I teach students the difference between legal and illegal immigration. So, lumping legal and illegal immigration together is not only wrong, it’s deeply offensive. It’s like lumping pharmacists and drug dealers together. And calling an illegal immigrant a quote, “undocumented immigrant” is like calling a drug dealer quote, “an unlicensed pharmacist” or a student who intentionally cheated on a test a quote, “answer key borrower.”

When Tucker Carlson asked Zhou how his students react to statements like that, Zhou explained that the majority of them oppose illegal immigration—he tells his students that they do not need to believe what he says, but they should offer evidence to back up their own positions: “Well, most of my students are against illegal immigration. I respect everyone’s viewpoints. I tell students, ‘You don’t have to believe me. If you want to make a convincing argument, please provide evidence.’”

The Republican professor openly declared that he plans to work to secure the reelection of Rep. Karen Handel (R-GA) in 2020: “I always vote in every single election. I’m a proud Georgia Republican. I vote in the Republican primary,” he said, noting that he will “work as hard as I can to help my friend Congresswoman Karen Handel get reelected in 2020 in the Georgia-6 district.”

An article published by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution notes that Georgia state representative Bee Nguyen (D-Atlanta) posted screenshots of some comments Zhou had made online. Nguyen’s tweet says, “While we celebrate the passage of the Dream Act, this @GeorgiaGwinnett professor uses hostile terms ‘ghetto thugs,’ ‘libtards,’ & spreads false narratives about immigrants. Are these the values supported by Georgia Gwinnett College?”

The screenshots posted by Nguyen show Facebook comments written by Zhou. The text of Zhou’s three comments is below:

“Matthew Levy Yes, ghetto thugs and libtards. I am against political correctness. I speak truth to power in class and my students learn about the financial drain of illegal immigration on the economy and the high crime rates of illegal immigrants. My students are ‘woke’ and are overwhelmingly against illegal immigration after taking my class.”

“Please contact my employer and come listen to my anti-illegal immigrant speech in class. Then I can show you my ‘Deportation of Illegal Immigrants’ sign in my office that all my colleagues and students have seen. I have such a wonderful job and platform to educate students about illegal immigration every semester.”

“Do you and Pave It Blue want to come protest me at my institution? Please come take a photo of my large ‘Deportation of Illegal Immigrants’ sign in my office? Do you have a GED? If not, I can find a college student to tutor you to help you pass your GED. It is so wonderful and joyful to see Illegal Immigrants deported by ICE. I do a celebration dance when ICE deports illegals. MAGA!”

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that Nguyen “said she found the remarks particularly disturbing because of the college’s racial diversity. Nearly 70% of its students are African American, Asian or Hispanic. The lawmaker said she planned to write the college to voice her concerns.”

According to CBS46, Zhou “said no one from the school has contacted him for a reprimand or a conversation about the comments.”