Trump Provides Teachable Moments for Liberals

, Malcolm A. Kline, Leave a comment

image screenshot from New York Times video coverage

There’s a reason why nobody really noticed when major media outlets dropped their education beats: They weren’t doing much to begin with, other than recycling public school press releases.

You can get a flavor of this by perusing the articles that the so-called mainstream media occasionally publish on education. For example, the Associated Press (AP), in a story that got a lot of pick up, reported on March 16, 2017 that “Teaching current events in the age of President Donald Trump has become fraught with peril for some educators who have interjected their personal political beliefs into the classroom.”

“A New York City teacher was warned over a homework question critical of Mr. Trump. An Alabama district fielded complaints for a teacher’s ‘Obama, you’re fired!’ caption under a Trump display. And video caught a Texas art teacher shooting a squirt gun at an image of Mr. Trump, and yelling, ‘die!’

“Is it ever OK for teachers to offer up their viewpoints?

“It’s become a debate among educators at a time when students have become energized by classroom discussions of such hot-button issues as immigration and racial justice.

“Education experts say teachers should be careful not to shape their students’ beliefs for them.” Really, the ability to actually find a Trump supporter in pedagogical ranks proves that the MSM is still capable of needle in a haystack research.

Nevertheless, we’ve found, along with parents and students around the country, that Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) is a malady that is especially prevalent in the education establishment, from kindergarten through college.