UCLA Student Gov’t Raises Their Wages but Make Huge Cuts in Student Group Budget

, Spencer Irvine, Leave a comment

As the College Fix reported:

“In a recently passed budget, UCLA’s student government voted to cut student organization funding by nearly $33,000, the Daily Bruin reported. To put that into perspective, the entire fund was just under $69,000 last year, so students groups are losing nearly half their budgets in a single year.”

“The cut on its own is not troubling: If the student government were low on funds, cutting back is the sensible thing to do. But enrollment is booming at UCLA, and student government budgets are funded by mandatory student fees.”

“A major driver of the cuts is a dramatic hike in stipends for student government officers, particularly the 14 council members.”

“Starting this January, officers will make $840 a month, up from $756. Because officers only make 35 percent of their stipend during the summer term, that works out to a hike of just under $12,000 for the council for the full year, paid for by student fees.”