University of Minnesota Offers Course on Marxism

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The University of Minnesota is offering a course in the spring 2019 semester on Karl Marx and his Marxist ideology, and how it relates to current events. The instructor is senior lecturer Meredith Gill and the course’s title is “Marx for Today.”

As a reference, Karl Marx was a socialist philosopher who has been praised by socialists and Marxists alike for his visionary, anti-capitalist ideology. Marxism has been the basis of autocratic, dictatorial and socialist governments in human history, which has resulted in the deaths of millions of people across the globe in places such as China, Russia and former Soviet Union republics.

The course will attempt to draw “attention to its relevance for the contemporary world,” or in other words, how Marxism is relevant to today’s society and current events. Based on the assigned readings, which are Karl Marx’s writings, University of Minnesota students will be taught the “origins of capitalism, exploitation” and other anti-capitalist ideology and talking points. The purpose of this indoctrination is so students can then apply these Marxist principles to topics such as student debt, sexual identity, race, and gender inequality.

The syllabus said that the course highlights the “political urgency” of social justice topics, such as racial injustice, right-wing populism, and other similar topics.