University of Pennsylvania Quiet about Joe Biden Allegations

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The University of Pennsylvania, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has been a champion of former Democratic senator and vice president Joe Biden, and named a center after him, the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement. Biden also works as a Benjamin Franklin presidential practice fellow at the university.

Biden may be gauging whether to put his hat into a crowded Democratic Party presidential candidate field for the 2020 presidential elections, but a recent allegation of a fellow Democrat could derail that.

Lucy Flores, then the Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor of Nevada, accused the former vice president of inappropriate touching during a campaign stop during her 2014 campaign. The New Yorkermagazine published the allegations last week. Biden allegedly smelled her hair as he stood behind her and planted a “big slow kiss on the back of my head.” The Biden camp has said he will re-evaluate his conduct going forward.

There have been multiple instances in which Biden appears to caress women from behind, making them uncomfortable, and there is photographic evidence of these embraces.Yet, no allegations have been made public until this week, all while Biden mulls over a presidential campaign bid.

But, Biden’s name is prominent at the University of Pennsylvania and the university had not responded to inquiries over the weekend. On the contrary, the university quickly removed a Republican donor’s name, Steve Wynn, from its campus after multiple sexual assault and rape allegations were made against him,and did so within days. Yet, the university remains silent on the allegations against Biden.