Unmasking The Occupiers

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Citizens United President David Bossie and conservative activist Brandon Darby visited the Heritage Foundation for the Bloggers Briefing  on July 17, 2012 to promote the documentary Occupy Unmasked, which attempts to shed light on the leftist media’s involvement in the promotion of the OWS movement.

According to Bossie, who is the film’s producer, the purpose of Occupy Unmasked is to expose the attempts of the mainstream media to make OWS an equal and opposing force to the Tea Party movement.  Leftist propagandists such as Dylan Ratigan of MSNBC and Bill Maher market OWS as a grassroots organization, while this could not be further from the truth.

Brandon Darby described the OWS mission as an attempt to “shut down the [Republican National Convention] by any means necessary.” Darby worked as an FBI informant during the 2008 RNC, infiltrating a protest group and revealing its plan to violently disrupt the convention through the use of Molotov cocktails. Such groups were the basis for OWS, which gave Darby insight into the movement’s anarchistic and destructive tendencies.

The deceptive strategies and conflicting philosophies of OWS put it in sharp contrast to a genuinely grassroots movement such as the Tea Party. Darby also mentioned the discovery of over 3400 emails from Occupy organizers, which proved that there was an orchestrated attempt to create absolute chaos.

No such cache exists among TEA partiers. If it did, establishment media types would have let us know about it long ago.

Despite the Occupy movement’s abuse of the First Amendment to incite terror, such left-wing media types as Michael Moore and even members of Congress such as Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have praised the OWS for its “spontaneity” and apparent commitment to financial responsibility. The President himself has even commended the Wall Street protesters for their efforts.  Occupy Unmasked is set for an early September release date, and the DVD is available for preorder at occupyunmasked.com.

Richard Thompson is an intern at the American Journalism Center, a training program run by Accuracy in Media and Accuracy in Academia.

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