Vietnam Remembered

, Leonard Magruder, Leave a comment

On May 10, 1981, at the first rally on any campus to honor the Vietnam veteran, I resigned my position as professor to protest “The damage done to the vet by the media of the 60’s and the liberal university”(Compass, May 11), and started Vietnam Veterans for Academic Reform to reverse the New Left version of the war and to help see that never again would the campus betray those who serve.
As proof that the issue is still alive this many years later, Col. George E. Day, at the launching of the Vietnam Veterans Legacy Foundation, at the same time the 2004 Democratic Convention was going on in Boston, said this in a press release:

“A false history of Vietnam has been used to endanger and demoralize our troops in combat, undermine the public confidence in U.S. foreign policy and weaken our national security. Leftists lied about the war 35 years ago and are lying about it today. Our goal is to counter more than three decades of misinformation and propaganda and set the record straight.”

Now something else is happening. One of our most widely read articles, “Closing in On Truth,” (see at included mention of two important new articles summarizing the recent conclusions of historians that what is being taught to students about the Vietnam War at our universities is indeed “false history.” The first, by the noted columnist Peter Siegel in The Los Angeles Times, the second by James Kurth in the Fall edition of The Intercollegiate Review. In addition, there are signs of a movement beginning by Vietnam veterans to take the truth right up to the campus. In a recent counter-demonstration by the organization Gathering of Eagles at the Univ. of North Carolina- Chapel Hill, one of our articles, “We Don’t Want Your Views on War—You Lied About Vietnam,” went right into the hands of members of the S.D.S., a revival of one of the most treasonous anti-war groups of the 60’s, now protesting the Iraq War. We are urging all 12 state divisions of this organization, and a similar one, Eagles Up, to continue this practice at other campuses.

But any group concerned about the indoctrination going on in the American university, particularly as regards Vietnam, Islam, and the war on Terror, can do the same. Go to, copy the articles under Educational Series, and distribute on campus to students, the college newspaper, and local reporters. Remember IslamoFascism Awareness Week. Academic thugs ran David Horowitz off the stage at Emory, some of the world’s most knowledgeable counter-terrorism experts faring no better at 130 other universities, trying to help students understand the danger they are in. The multiculturalist coma on campus is deep indeed.