WATCH: Clemson Professors Led ‘March against Silence’ on Trump Executive Order

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From Campus Reform:

The “March Against Silence,” a collaboration among three Clemson professors who recently completed a week-long hunger strike, began at Clemson’s Cooper Library and ended at Sikes Hall, the site of numerous protest rallies, including a nine-day Sit-In last April, and Clemson’s de facto epicenter of controversy.

…At another point, Clemson professor Todd May, a co-organizer of the march, directed a personal dig at the Clemson administration by leading the crowd in a chant of “President Clements, Provost Jones, where do you keep your backbones?”

…Clemson Professor and march co-organizer Mike Sears echoed the contention, saying, “The President of the United States is attempting to disenfranchise our Muslim community, again, based on an ideology of hate and fear.”