Who’s Your Higher Power?

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The book No Higher Powerattempts to preview what the next four years will look like under an incumbent President Barack Hussein Obama. Phyllis Schlafly and George Neumayr survey the past four years and examine Obama Administration policies on the military, on healthcare and in education. And this is not even half of the policies and anti-religious efforts that the Obama administration has painstakingly gone through to hide from the American public.

One of the primary points in the book is how freedom of religion is threatened by the Obama Administration. The administration decides to only protect the freedom of worship, which is to allow religions to gather together to worship without molestation from the government. However, the freedom of religion, is allowing many religions to operate and allowing Americans to function based on their religious beliefs, free of government intervention and persecution for their beliefs that was common in the Old World of Europe. This freedom, the freedom of religion, is under attack. Religious Americans no longer have the freedom to exercise their religious freedoms and freedom of conscience under the Obama administration. For example, American Catholics forced to follow government regulations on health care must put their religion aside and adhere to the federal government standards to provide abortifacients, contrary to Catholic health providers’ beliefs.

Similar affronts to Christianity are detailed in the book, ranging from the demonstratively anti-Catholic health care mandate to omitting the phrase “the Creator” from the Declaration of Independence. Yet, the mainstream media remains in silence over such matters, leaving the impression that the Commander-in-Chief is in fact a tolerant and constantly-evolving Christian.

The authors descriptively detail Obama’s upbringing, mentioning the mentoring of the extreme Leftist preacher Jeremiah Wright, communist and domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, as well as establishment Catholic leaders such as Bishop Joseph Bernardin. They discuss Obama’s affinity for Islam and argue that Obama is a nominal Christian, or as some may say, a moral relativist who professes to be Christian.

The book is a clarion call to arms for social conservatives, but also for any concerned American who sees the erosion of the freedom of religion and worship along with other essential American freedoms under the Obama administration. It is a must read in this presidential campaign and reveals the true anti-religious fervor of the current President Barack Obama.

Spencer Irvine is a research assistant at Accuracy in Academia.

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