Why did the NEA recommend ‘Gender Queer’ book for summer reading?

, Spencer Irvine, Leave a comment

Progressive teachers’ unions like the National Education Association (NEA) are increasingly under fire for pushing progressive politics and ideology instead of focusing on education and teaching.

Fox News reported that the NEA recommended the inclusion of LGBTQ book “Gender Queer” on teachers’ summer reading lists, among other controversial recommendations like “White Fragility.”

The NEA’s summer reading guide for teachers, called “Great Summer Reads for Educators,” lists 11 books and even has a so-called “banned books” section, where is the list where one can find the book “Gender Queer.”

The aforementioned book expresses sexually explicit graphic images, such as depicting masturbation and oral sex. The book also discusses author Maia Kobabe’s journey towards finding that she no longer fit within society’s “gender binary” of male or female.

This is not the first foray into LGBTQ ideology nor controversy for the NEA, which has been an open advocate for the Black Lives Matter movement by hosting a week focusing on the movement’s progressive ideology and pushes the debunked narrative that conservatives are banning age-appropriate books in school libraries.

A recurring question that AIA has is why are teachers’ unions pushing progressive ideology on teachers and students alike?

Based on recent news, an answer could be that these progressive teachers’ unions want to indoctrinate children while molding their minds to accept their progressive politics.